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Eyebrow Scar Expert in Beverly Hills: Dr. Karamanoukian


The eyebrow is a conspicuous area for scarring as it represents a very visible anatomic location on the face. Eyebrow scars can be categorized based on the involvement of the eyebrow hair. Scars that fall above or below the hairline may have contour and textural components, whereas those that are located within the eyebrow hair generally have a loss of hair.
Eyebrow scars with loss of eyebrow hair are likely easier to repair with simple FUE (follicle unit extraction) hair transplants that can replace the hair follicles. Dr. Raffy Karamanoukian, a Beverly Hills and Santa Monica plastic surgeon, will first evaluate your scar to determine the readiness of the scar for hair transplantation as scarred tissue has a lower acceptance rate for hair follicle growth. Once evaluated, our clinicians will institute a scar regimen to soften the scar and improve texture prior to hair transplantation.
Eyebrow and forehead scars that do not involve the eyebrow hair are most commonly improved with a combination of laser, RF, and surgery. There are no ‘cookie-cutter’ rules for scar revision and each patient will require carefully planned and meticulously designed protocols for scar revision, scar excision, subcision, and laser therapy.
Dr. Karamanoukian is an internationally-acclaimed expert on scar revision and can help you determine which procedure will best fit your problem. Scar revision combines elements of cosmetic dermatology and plastic surgery. Our offices in Beverly Hills and Santa Monica are equipped with the latest advancements in scar therapy. Call (310) 998-5533 to schedule an appointment today.