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Burn Scar Center in Los Angeles

Fire pit and burn scars can lead to first, second, and third-degree burns on the extremities and face as a result of skin injury. Thermal burns should first be treated by an experienced plastic surgeon or burn surgeon who may need to debride the wound and reduce inflammation and infection. Once epithelialized, the skin may remain red and inflamed for quite some time after the initial thermal injury.

If you have suffered from a burn injury from a fire pit, barbecue, or fire and have burn scars related to the thermal injury, you may be a candidate for scar revision using lasers and radio frequency.

Our experienced Santa Monica plastic surgeons have expertise in the management of burn scars on the face and body. Treatment of red scars and hypertrophic scars often do not require surgical intervention and may be best treated with a combination of topical regimen‘s and laser therapy.

Our Santa Monica plastic surgery and cosmetic dermatology center is located on Montana Avenue and is equipped to treat your burn scars so that you can have the best long-term outcome from a cosmetic standpoint. Our plastic surgeons are trained in cosmetic dermatology lasers and have experience in surgical scar revision for burn scars.

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