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Scar Removal in Los Angeles

Scars usually form as a result of skin injury, helping to heal a wound or traumatic cut in the skin. Depending on the depth of injury and quality of healing, a scar can become exaggerated and larger than the original footprint of injury. If your scars are bothering you, then you should consider scar removal options at Kare Plastic Surgery in Santa Monica. 

Kare Plastic Surgery specializes in physician-approved scar treatments that are guided by science. We optimize scar healing and maturation by employing lasers that can regulate the depth and intensity of scar formation. This applies to scars resulting from burns, traumatic injuries, and lacerations. Our highest priority is to prevent abnormal scar formation. 

The skin is composed of an epidermis and dermis. Depending on the depth of injury, scars can develop which can be visible to the naked eye. If inflammation persists, a keloid or hypertrophic scar may develop. During your consultation, our double board certified plastic surgeon can examine your scar and determine whether you are a candidate for surgical scar revision or laser-based therapy. 
We treat common scars such as: 
  • Hypertrophic scars that are raised and red. These usually form after a traumatic laceration or surgical incision because the body deposits excess amounts of collagen into the wound.  
  • Keloid scars form as a result of excess inflammation and collagen deposition. Unlike hypertrophic scars, keloids grow larger and larger over time and sometimes grow into adjacent tissue. 
  • Atrophic scars are usually indented and form as a result of tissue loss. 
  • Acne scars: atrophic or hypertrophic with indentation and redness
  • Stretchmarks are common after weight loss, weight gain, adolescent growth, and pregnancy. 
What Treatment Options Do We Offer To Help Treat Scarring?
  • Chemical Peels are excellent for hyperpigmentation scars
  • Ematrix and Sublative RF
  • Venus Viva
  • Microneedling RF
  • PRP
  • Venus Legacy
  • Venus Viva
  • Exilis Elite
  • Pearl Fractional Laser 
  • Titan laser
  • Clear and Brilliant microfractional laser
  • Fraxel and CO2 laser
If you have experienced scarring after injury, trauma, or surgery; we have surgical and non-surgical solutions to help you treat your scars. Our office is located on Montana Avenue in Santa Monica and is conveniently located minutes away from the Pacific Palisades, Brentwood, Venice, and Marina Del Rey. Call our office today at (310) 998-5533.