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Inverted Nipple Surgery Santa Monica | Beverly Hills

Inverted Nipple Repair

An inverted nipple is one that cannot fully rise out of the areola because of dense fibrous attachments that tether it to the underlying breast tissue. Inverted nipples are very common among healthy women and can occur on one breast or both.
Babies may also be born with inverted nipples, but these are usually not treated because they tend to resolve with development. All inverted nipples, though, should be examined by an experienced plastic surgeon to rule out any abnormal changes that can cause nipple retraction. If you have experienced a change in your nipple, including new-onset nipple retraction, nipple discharge, or nipple bleeding, a more urgent evaluation may be warranted.
Dr. Raffy Karamanoukian is an expert in the correction of nipple inversion and can help you decide on the most effective surgical or non-surgical procedure to improve the condition. Consultations include a basic physical examination, breast examination, and medical history. A mammogram may be recommended based on your breast cancer risk factors.
During your consultation, Dr. Karamanoukian will assess the severity of your inverted nipples. In other words, an examination of the nipples will reveal how tightly the nipples are retracted and whether they can be manually induced to project. In some cases, the nipples are so far retracted that it is difficult to project them during the examination. This part of the examination will help determine the technique that will be utilized to repair the inverted nipple.

Surgery for inverted nipples

The technique for inverted nipple repair involves a small incision that is placed at the base of the nipple. The incision allows for release of the tight bands that are tethering the inverted nipple back.   Once the incision is made, gentle dissection and spreading of these nipples is performed to reduce the tightness of the bands.   The surgery is minimally traumatic to the nerves that provide sensation to the nipples and this spares the nipples from losing sensation or the ability to lactate.
The dissection of the bands is then followed by the placement of a small suture at the base of the nipple to evert or project out the nipple and keep it in place. The skin is then sutured using small stitches and the surgery is completed.

Recovery after inverted nipple repair

Recovery after surgery is minimal with 3 to 5 days of dressing changes and protection of the nipple from excessive traction or injury. The dressing changes are minor and are performed once daily which involves redressing the area around the nipple with gauze. 
Normal activities can be resumed within 48 hours after surgery but it is advised that you refrain from intimacy involving the breasts for at least one to two weeks.
The long-term results of your inverted nipple repair are outstanding and patients report a high degree of overall satisfaction with their procedures. To discuss your alternatives with for inverted nipple surgery, call our office to schedule an appointment at (310) 998-5534.