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Removing a Nose Fibrous Papule: Top Nose Surgeon in Beverly Hills

Removing a Fibrous Papule of the Nose
A fibrous papule is a benign, firm nodule that can often grow on the nose. Unlike other benign moles of the skin, a fibrous papule can remain dormant for years without any periods of growth or pigmentary change. The diagnosis of a fibrous papule is made on clinical examination and/or surgical biopsy. In most cases, an expert nose surgeon can remove the mole without surgery. 

Dr. Raffy Karamanoukian is a respected Beverly Hills and Santa Monica nose surgeon with active privileges at Providence St. John's Hospital. He performs rhinoplasty, septoplasty, and septorhinoplasty surgery in Los Angeles, making him especially suitable for the treatment of benign fibrous papules on the nose. His approach is conservative and allows for an outpatient removal of nasal fibrous papules without significant downtime. 

In addition, Dr. Karamanoukian offers nose mole removal in patients who have abnormal moles that need excision or surgical biopsy. The treatment of fibrous papules is usually performed with direct laser excision, surgical shave biopsy, electrodessication, and hyfrecation. Please call our office to schedule an evaluation of your nose mole in Los Angeles.