Cellulite Reduction in Beverly Hills - Cellfina


​Cellfina is an FDA-Approved protocol that is used to improve cellulite in the hips, thighs, and buttocks. Our expert plastic surgeon is an experienced leader in cellulite removal and has been featured on national television demonstrating his approach to cellulite using the Brazilian Cellulite Treatment. Cellfina uses a specific modality that introduces a vibratory needle to release dermofascial attachments which cause cellulite

In Beverly Hills, our expert plastic surgeon combines Cellfina with RF modalities including Exilis Elite, Venus Legacy, Sublime RF, and Ultherapy to further tighten and tone the areas of the body. RF and Ultherapy can tighten fibrous soft tissue to further smoothe out the skin. 

Beverly Hills Cellfina and Cellulite Removal and Kare Beirut


There are many options we have available for cellulite treatment in our offices. Dr. Karamanoukian is world-renowned for his techniques in cellulite removal and treatment. He performs the Cellfina procedure, Brazilian Cellulite Treatment popularized on The Doctors television show, Subcision Technique for Cellulite, Endermologie, Venus Legacy, and Exilis Elite procedures. For more information on the Cellfina procedure or to schedule a consultation, call Kare Plastic Surgery at (310) 998-5533. Cellfina is an excellent treatment for cellulite as an alternative to plastic surgery or the Brazilian Cellulite Treatment. We offer the Cellfina treatment in Beverly Hills. 


Along with cellulite treatments and Cellfina, Dr. Karamanoukian often performs stretch mark treatments in the posterior thighs, hips, and buttocks in patients who have stretch marks. Often, the two conditions come hand-in-hand and the treatment of both cellulite and stretch marks simultaneously may improve the look of the posterior hips and thighs. Stretch mark treatments can help tighten and tone your skin, resulting in less contour irregularities that may worsen cellulite. Our protocols are unique and we combine many of our treatments with ZO Skin protocols or Melarase protocols.