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I am 61 years old and have been living with a noticeable scar on my left cheek and jawline since I was 11 years old. Kids at my school used to mock me and I thought I would have the scar for the rest of my life. My wife of thirty years encouraged me to seek Dr. Karamanoukian to fix the scar and he performed a combination of PRP and scar laser to help reduce the appearance of my scar. I am happy with the results and cannot thank Dr. Karamanoukian enough for his expert hands. 
Dr. Karamanoukian is a compassionate doctor that helped me get through a very difficult period in my life. I had an accident that left the right side of my face completely maimed from the eyelid to the middle of my cheek. Dr. Karamanoukian recommended that I undergo a modified facelift to help release the scar tissue and lift up the scar on my cheek. The surgery was successful from day one when I looked at my face. I am indebted to Dr. Karamanoukian for his dedication and hard work. 
My husband and I are thankful that Dr. Karamanoukian was in our lives when our 5 year old fell on the concrete. He met us at the clinic on a Saturday night, sutured my daughter effortlessly, and sent her home with a goodie bag full of organic treats. You cannot get better than this even if you tried. Dr. Karamanoukian is the best plastic surgeon in the world. 
I travelled all the way from North Carolina to meet with Dr. Karamanoukian about my liposuction revision. He inspired confidence and I felt comfortable with his approach to my surgery correction. I am now so happy with the results of my surgery and my legs feel so much better. 
I went to Dr. Karamanoukian to manage a scar that I had received from a traumatic event back in 2009 but decided to take care of now as I have recently starting working in a position where image means a lot. I had previously seen another doctor while I lived in San Diego attending law school and was new to the LA area when I looked Dr. Karamanoukian up online as best plastic surgeon. I have had previous experience with plastic surgeons in San Diego and I can affirmatively say that I will be a patient for life with Dr. Karamanoukian.
Liposuction Revision

دکتر رافی 
بهترین دکتر که در تمام زندگیم دیدم ، مهربون ، انسان خوبی که میفهمه بدن شما چه چیزی رو نیاز داره، قیمت مناسب، وبسیار ماهر در کارش. ممنون دکتر رافی برای همه کمکهای که من کردین تا احساس بهتری نسبت به خودم کنم.
Doctor Rafi 
The doctor who saw in all my life, kind, good person that understands what your body's needs, reasonable price, and very skilled in his work. Thank you, doctor Rafi for all of you to help me feel better about myself anymore.

H. Patient from Iran
I have had two major surgeries on my nose back in India and I did not think that anything else could be done about my nostrils being so different after my nose job twenty years ago. My husband fully supported my consultation with Dr. Karamanoukian and even came with me to discuss the options for getting a surgery done to restore a balance with my nose parts. After three months of careful planning, Dr. Karamanoukian recommended that I proceed with my surgery and I had a full lip lift revision on one side followed by scar revision to help even out my profile. My mother would be very pleased to see the results when I return home. My husband and I are very grateful to the doctor for all of his support and careful dedication to his profession.
I have a handful of chicken pox scars on my face left over from childhood. They have always negatively affected my self esteem. When I was a teenager, a plastic surgeon told me I would have to carry these scars forever. I spent years trying everything and anything with no results. I did a lot of research and also spent a good amount of time on this site. I selected Dr. Karamanoukian because his answers regarding scars were the right ones, while other plastic surgeons were inconsistent. Truly Best Plastic Surgeon in Los Angeles.
I did two sessions of Coolsculpting on my waist and I am so happy. His office is literally one block away from me on Montana Avenue and he is always available to answer my questions. He runs a great friendly office. 
I had previously gone to another plastic surgeon who excised my scars. He botched them so they ended up looking much worse and formed keloids. When I had my consultation with Dr. Karamanoukian, I immediately felt like I was in the right hands. He explained to me in full detail the series of treatments he would do to my scars. He suggested a weekly treatment for 4 months- I am on my second month and I already noticed that my scars are flat and much lighter. He is definitely best plastic surgery specialist in Los Angeles | Santa Monica | Baverly Hills
Dr. K is one of the finest plastic surgeons in the Los Angeles, Beverly Hills and Santa Monica area. He is more skilled than most and understands the aesthetics that are involved and was able to revise a scar so that it virtually disappeared! He is a master at botox, Juvederm and others, so that no one can tell you have it. His aftercare is superb. I highly recommend him!
Dr. Raffy is honestly the best plastic surgeon I have ever met in my life. Truly. After having four botched breast surgeries, I consulted with at least 20 plastic surgeons in Southern California hoping to find someone I was confident in to fix my issues. I accompanied a girlfriend to get her filler from Dr Raffy and she thought I should show him my issue. Not only was he genuinely empathetic to how this has affected my life but he was very interested in finding out why in the world this was happening. Amazing Plastic Surgeon in Los Angeles
I was an idiot and used a strong TCA peel on myself at home to try and spot-treat some scars... it made them a lot worse. :( But Dr. Karamanoukian is currently working with me at a reasonable rate to improve their appearance. Very, very thankful to have found this guy. He's personable and seems to have great patient rapport. The office environment/staff is also much, much friendlier than offices within the same specialty. I want to live there underneath one of the tables.
Kate S.
I had two lipomas removed by Dr. Karamanoukian. He has magical hands and I felt comfortable with him from the very first consultation moving forward. I would highly recommend him for surgery. 
I am so thrilled with my nose job with Dr. Karamanoukian. I wanted a natural looking rhinoplasty and not one of the three consults that I visited even listened to what I was trying to say. I did not want a curved slope on my bridge and Dr. Karamanoukian made sure to listen to my desires. I am an aspiring model and I wanted a very natural looking change with minimal rhinoplasty. He did exactly what I asked and I am so thrilled with the results of my surgery.
I made the bad mistake of putting Dermagen permanent filler in my lips three years ago in Tijuana. I found a few doctors online that said they could fix it but I gravitated back to Dr. Karamanoukian after four consultations with others. He is the best surgeon ever. He fixed my lips with a lip reduction and I feel better altogether. I would highly recommend him. 
I travelled all the way from Atlanta Georgia to have surgery for butt silicone removal with Dr. K. He made everything very straightforward and reduced my butt silicone so that I don't have any more pain in my hips and legs. Thanks Dr. K. 
I refer to Dr. Karamanoukian as 'The Wizard' as he made my scars virtually disappear after my breast implant surgery last year. 
I travelled from San Diego to see Dr. Karamanoukian for a lip lift scar that had ruined my life. I had gone to a Beverly Hills plastic surgeon to see if he could fix the scar but all he offered were scar creams but no surgical solution. Instead, Dr. Karamanoukian started his scar protocol that included once weekly visits to his office. He performed laser and surgery on my scar and now I feel confident going out in public. He is exceptional and caring about all of his patients. 
I am indebted to Dr. Raffy for taking care of my precious 4 year-old child. He was such a gentle and caring doctor and we felt the love he has for children. We actually went to an urgent care first and they suggested taking my daughter to the emergency room because they thought she wouldn’t be able to sit still with the stitches. Dr. Karamanoukian, on the other hand, made the whole process enjoyable and entertaining for us. My daughter listened calmly and had no problems with the stitches. After our surgery, he was thoughtful and kind, giving us recommendations for scarring creams and making sure that he maintained a good rapport with my daughter. He treated her like she was his own child and we are so indebted.
I travelled from Buffalo New York to have my breast revision with Dr. Karamanoukian and I would do it all over again if I had to. His office was fantastic in all aspects of my care. I had capsular contracture surgery four times in Buffalo and my surgeon kept doing the same thing over and over again. I finally decided that enough was enough and researched Dr. Karamanoukian and his techniques for breast implant removal with capsulectomy. My life has changed and I owe so much to this talented young surgeon.
As a last stitch effort, I decided to Google "best keloid specialist" and I came across Dr. Karamanoukian’s video from the TV show "The Doctors". After watching that video I told myself that I would make one last attempt to treat my scars. After meeting Dr. Raffy at his Kare Plastic Surgery Center in Santa Monica, I left feeling a sense of optimism and hope that maybe something could be done to fix my problem, cant really ask for anything more...that is why everyone calls him top plastic surgeon in Los Angeles, CA and Santa Monica area.
I had a small lipoma on the top of my shoulder and the doctors in my community hospital in Sacramento had me do an MRI and CT scan to figure it out. Dr. Karamanoukin took one look and thought it was a lipoma. He performed surgery on me the next day using the tiniest scar and now I am all done with the whole ordeal. He made it simple and took his time to explain every detail to me. 
Jose A.
I scheduled an office consultation with Dr. Raffy Karamanoukian one week ago to help me fix a scar that I got from breast implant surgery. He was so thoughtful and meticulous in his approach, spending roughly one hour with me during a consultation to go over all of my options. I am convinced he is the top expert in liposuction correction and liposuction scars and my husband and I are convinced we will only choose him for any future procedure. He is our hero. 
I am seeing Dr. Raffy Karamanokian for a liposuction revision after I was botched by a very prominent Beverly Hills plastic surgeon. Dr. Karamanokian is absolutely great and his bedside manner is reasurring and thoughtful. He put my mind at ease and allowed me some hope. My husband finally has the confidence that we both need to resume our lives. 
I'm a hard woman to please when it comes to plastic surgery because I have worked in the surgical field for over ten years. I met Dr. Karamanoukian at the hospital after I saw him perform a surgery in the operating room. He was personable, kind, humble, and compassionate. It was exactly what I was looking for after I got botched by another surgeon in the same hospital. Dr. Karamanoukian was the exact same in his office when I came in for a consultation. He allowed me the time to digest my options and gave me clear recommendations, many of which were non-surgical. I felt relieved that I was in his hands and everything has been smooth so far. He is exceptional as a doctor and friend.
I researched realself for over six months before I decided to go to Dr. Karamanoukian for a breast lift scar that I've had for over five years. The first thing he did when he saw me was to suggest that I meet with my previous surgeon so that he can evaluate my hypertrophic scar. I thought that Dr. Karamanoukian was the most honest surgeon I have ever met and I told him that after doing all of my research, I wanted only him to revise my scars. After the surgery, I am so happy with my results of the breast lift revision. I finally feel good about my surgery and my breasts. 
I saw Dr. Nazareth Papazian in his Downtown office for liposuction and I am delighted with the results. I was travelling all year long and finally decided to pursue my dream of getting liposuction and Dr. Papazian was the best surgeon from beginning to end. My husband loves the results and I feel like a new woman after kids. I would advise you to do the surgery as soon as you can because you will not regret one thing. 
Botox Injections -  Dr. Raffi is on-point with every aspect of my care. I travel from Jerusalem to Los Angeles twice a year and have him on my speed dial when I'm in town. I love the Botox he does because it looks natural and fits with my face. 
After a botched laser liposuction surgery left me with severe irregularities, scars and uneven proportions on my inner- and outer thighs, flanks and knees I was wary of proceeding with any revision surgery even though I knew it was necessary for me to feel confident again. Luckily I found Dr Raffy and the Kare Plastic Surgery Center in Santa Monica. Its been 2 months since my surgery and I am still in disbelief with the amazing result. Dr Raffy's attention to detail is impeccable and I couldn't be happier with the outcome, plastic surgery specialist.
Steve Thomas
My earlobes tore through and I did what any educated woman would do by searching on google for “the best doctor for torn earlobes.” Dr. Karamanoukian’s name came up over and over and I went through with the surgery. Needless to say my research paid off and I can wear my earrings once again. 
Dr. Karamanougian fixed my scars! He is the BEST!
Dr. Karamanoukian fixed my eyelid bags on my face and I am thrilled that it looks so natural. I had what he called a transconjunctival blepharoplasty because I did not want a scar on my lower eyelids and he did it with a small incision inside my eyelid. I am so thrilled with the results three weeks out of surgery. Just a few of my close friends noticed the difference because it looks so natural like myself. I would recommend Dr. Karamanoukian to anyone looking for a great plastic surgeon.
The office is immaculate and the staff are helpful beyond belief. I was initially worried about having Botox and Juvederm for the first time and Dr. Karamanoukian made the whole process seamless. I’m hooked. 
Words cannot express how grateful I am for Dr. Karamanoukian. He fixed a botched liposuction result with Coolsculpting in his office. I was told by many that I had to live with the deformed areas but Dr. Karamanoukian knew exactly how to address my problem. Many thanks to him.
A few months ago I was breaking out, so it decided to go to @kareskinmd .. you guys my skin is glowing!
One year ago, I was in the worst accident of my life and my forehead was left with 45 stitches. My scar was horrible and had to start scar treatment. Dr. Karamanoukian is the go-to guy for all types of scars. While I was there on my first consultation, I spoke to two other patients with the same problems in the waiting room. It was such a relief that he had experience in dealing with my types of scars. Dr. K is the best. 
I visited Dr. Karamanoukian in his office while on vacation from Qatar. He is the best plastic surgeon and I am really happy with my results. 
Roula - Doha, Qatar
I moved here as a student from Saudi Arabia and had some minor skin issues that I think got worse with the foods that I ate. I got cystic acne and deep scars on my face. Dr. Karamanoukian fixed my acne scars and recommended all of the right lasers and skin creams to help my skin. I will be returning back to Saudi Arabia soon and he has contacts at his office in Beirut and in Jeddah so that I can resume my treatments. His office in Beirut is beautiful by the way...
Mashael A
I am very thankful to Dr. Raffy for his expertise in treating my varicose vein on the legs. I was referred to him by my colleague and I am very thankful that I chose to do surgery with him. He answered all of my concerns and offered to help me even walk to my car after the surgery. He is a very noble man with a good heart. 
Dr. Karamanougian will always be my surgeon for the rest of my life. He is caring and always thoughtful about doing balanced work that looks natural. I have completed my second surgery with him in five years and again I am satisfied that he does his work to perfection. Last year, I hit my nose on a post and it twisted onto one side so I could not breathe perfectly through one of my nostrils. Dr. Karamanougian performed a nose surgery inside my nose and fixed the fractured cartilage. I am happy with the results as my nose looks better than it ever did and my breathing is restored.
I made a very horrible mistake one year ago when I went to Colombia to have a breast augmentation and breast lift. My scars turned out to be horrible and I had very little recourse with the doctor who denied responsibility. Dr. Raffy was a miracle worker as he fixed my scars and resumed my care even beyond what he was required to do. He goes above and beyond. 
My Botox is perfect every single time. 
I had a wonderful experience with Dr. Raffy Karamanoukian when I went in to have my liposuction scars corrected after a botched plastic surgery procedure in Newport Beach. Dr. Karamanoukian was professional and caring in his approach. I liked that he was not judgemental and truly cared for me as a person and did not look in disdain at the scars and the liposuction procedure. He was so caring and even asked whether I wanted to go back to my original surgeon to have it corrected using his recommendations. He is really one of the best doctors I have ever seen. 
I have been suffering with silicone in my lips for over ten years and finally had the courage to consult with Dr. Karamanoukian in Santa Monica. I was first relieved by the office staff, especially Melissa, who offered me information about how the doctor removes the silicone and how happy patients are having it removed. Then I met with Dr. Karamanoukian and he is such a kind and honest surgeon. He told me that I had a Grade II silicone reaction and showed me before and after photos so I could clearly understand what I was going to have done. The surgery went very well and he offered me the time to recover in his office for as long as I needed until my family arrived. I have to say that the whole process was comforting and great.
My wife has been living with a botched breast implant surgery for the last two years and we are both very pleased with the results of her breast surgery with Dr. Karamanoukian. The first surgeon performed emergency drainage of her breast implant the night of the original surgery, causing my wife to have complication and after complication. We drove almost one hour to see Dr. Karamanoukian and it was worth it. He diagnosed the issue right away, performed the surgery one week later, and my wife is now regained her life. 
I don’t think there is a single doctor who is more knowledgeable about fixing bad scars as Dr. Karamanoukian. I had a botched tummy tuck four years ago and my belly button looked horrible. Dr. Karamanoukian spent one month treating the keloid scar followed by scar revision to make my belly button normal again. 
Dr. Nazareth Papazian performed the Brazilian Cellulite Treatment on my hips and thighs almost one month ago and I'm so far so pleased with the results. I had wanted to have the surgery done before the summer before my family came to Beirut and I got my wish. For many years, I was self conscious about my cellulite and I saw two doctors in Beirut who recommended that I have Endermologie from France. I read many things on the internet about Endermologie and didnt feel like this was the best solution. Dr. Papazian I met at AUB and he was so professional. My cellulite is so much better. Now I need more plastic surgery!!
Chemical Peel -- Dr. Raffi helped me regain confidence in my skin because I had severe melasma for years after my pregnancy. Thank you. 
Dr. Nazareth Papazian is the best. I'm so happy with my Brazilian Butt Lift!
Dr. Karamanoukian saved our family vacation this summer when our oldest son broke his nose playing at camp. His bedside manner was great and he knew all the right things to say to interact with my son and ease our anxiety as parents. The nose fracture reset was uneventful and Dr. Karamanoukian focused on my son’s well-being throughout the surgery and recovery.
октор  Рафию замечательный врач, как говорят: это врач милостью Божией. Большое ему спасибо за его работу и человеческое тепло.
Scar Revision -- I live in Pacific Beach in San Diego and have gone to Dr. Karamanoukian for four years now. Its worth the drive and he revised the scar on my lip that two other doctors in Newport Beach said was not correctable. I love him. 
I have been going to Dr. Karamanoukian for five years to do Botox and fillers on my face. I used to see him in his old office and now go to the office on Montana Avenue. He is the best...period. He is truly a nice person and a true advocate for me looking natural. 
We have visited Dr. Karamanoukian several times now on Holiday. He made special accomodations for our family during Ramadan and opened the office for private consultation in the evening. He is appreciated by everyone that we have sent to him. 
Ahmad: Saudi Arabia