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Acne Scar Treatments with Laser + RF

Laser Acne Scar Treatment

The last decade has witnessed dramatic developments in the use of lasers for the treatment of mild to severe acne scars on the face. Research has shown that combination therapy of lasers, fractionated RF, chemical peels, and topical therapy can improve the appearance of atrophic acne scars on the skin.
Dr. Raffy Karamanoukian of Kare Plastic Surgery and Skin Health Center in Santa Monica is an expert on the multimodality treatment of acne scars on the face and body. His specialization is geared toward minimally invasive laser and RS techniques to re-contour deep acne scars that have left indentations on the skin. By employing the latest technology in acne scar treatment, Dr. Karamanoukian can resurface skin texture, reduce pore size, and tighten overlying skin to reduce the visibility of acne scars.
The most advanced laser therapy for atrophic acne scars use fractionated technology to stimulate collagen and restore dermal integrity in areas of acne scarring. Fractionated lasers induce new collagen production, filling-in indentations and atrophies caused by cystic acne. Dr. Karamanoukian’s protocols combine these fractionated laser treatments with skin resurfacing to tighten skin and restore normal facial contour.
Our Los Angeles plastic surgery practice employs several additional modalities for acne scars including subcision, blunt cannula subcision, multi-plane tissue tightening, skin resurfacing, release of scar tethering, acne scar surgery, TCA cross, chemical peels, and pore reduction modalities to improve skin complexion.
Dr. Raffy Karamanoukian and Dr. Nazareth Papazian have performed clinical case studies to compare blunt cannula subcision techniques with needle subcision to determine differential efficacy rates for the improvement of atrophic acne scars.
If you are considering treatment for indented acne scars, please call our Los Angeles plastic surgery patient care coordinators to discuss your options for acne scar treatment. Your consultation will begin with a thorough evaluation of your skin by Dr. Karamanoukian to determine the extent of dermal integrity and your overall candidacy for multimodality acne scar treatment.

Fractional CO2 Laser

Fractional CO2 laser can be combined with subcision, fillers, acne surgery, and fractional RF to help recontour deep indented scars. Fractional CO2 remains a gold-standard for acne scar correction. 
Fractional co2 laser in Los Angeles for deep acne scars

Venus Viva 

Venus Viva is one of the newest skin resurfacing treatments available for deep pitted acne scars. Using Nanofractional ablative radiofrequency, Venus Viva is used to resurface the skin, stimulate collagen below the skin’s surface, and reduce uneven hyperpigmentation. In most patients, the dual mode ablative and non-ablative Venus Viva setting allows for the simultaneous treatment of rosacea, acne, and acne scars. The treatments can further improve surface texture, pore size, and skin tightness.

"Deep indented acne scars are usually caused by a loss of dermal collagen. Venus Viva uses Nanofractional RF to stimulate new collagen growth within the dermis without significant collateral damage to the skin." Dr. Raffy Karamanoukian

Deeply indented acne scars can be recontoured with Venus Viva, as the stimulating capacity of fractional radiofrequency allows for collagne stimulation and angiogenesis. In our Santa Monica plastic surgery practice, Dr. Raffy Karamanoukian utilizes a Hidef protocol that employs Venus Viva to reduce deep acne scar indentations, improve skin tone and color, reduce pore size, and even skin topography. The result is smoother skin.

Venus Viva requires a series of treatments for optimal results, typically 3-5 treatments spaced about one month apart.