Laser Hair Removal Specialists for Men and Women


Laser hair removal is an excellent method to permanently remove unwanted hair from the face and body for both men and women.  Common areas for laser hair removal include the face, neck, chest, arms, underarms, legs, and bikini area.  Our office maintains expertise as a premier center for laser hair removal in Los Angeles.  In fact, Dr. Karamanoukian was featured on the popular medical television series, The Doctors, demonstrating his safe protocols for laser hair removal on all skin types. 
Laser hair removal is an effective treatment to permanently reduce or eliminate unwanted hair on the face, body, or bikini line.  The laser uses a technique called photothermolysis, which uses a specialized laser system to heat up and burn unwanted hair follicles.  After several treatments, unwanted hair is usually weakened and often eliminated.  Laser hair removal systems can be used on men and women of all skin complexions with minimal risk.  The procedure may take as little as one minute to perform, depending on the quantity of hair and the area covered. The laser hair removal system at our office employs a cooling spray to minimize pain and avoids the need for anesthetic creams altogether.  All procedures are performed by an experienced physician and we have performed laser hair removal successfully on over 5,000 patients. 
Kare Plastic Surgery + Skin Health Clinic on Montana Avenue specializes in male and female laser hair removal. Unlike medical spas and laser hair removal clinics, our office performs all procedures in a professional medical setting with direct physician-supervision. 
Laser hair removal for men in Santa Monica on Montana Avenue at Kare Plastic Surgery


Laser hair removal is simple at Kare Plastic Surgery + Skin Health Center in Santa Monica. If you're tired of waxing or shaving, now is the time to opt for a more permanent solution for unwanted bikini hair. Our expert female physician assistant has the experience and patience to help you through the process. Laser hair removal is fast, easy, and mess-free. 

Bikini waxing is really a thing of the past if you ask anyone who has undergone bikini laser hair removal. Treatments take minutes to perform and can give you a longlasting solution for unwanted hair. Trust the experts at Kare Plastic Surgery + Skin Health Center.