Facial contouring surgery is now at the forefront of technology, allowing plastic surgeons to carefully sculpt genetic features of the face with minimally-invasive approaches such as Nano-Threads™ or lower face sculpting with buccal fat removal surgery. Buccal fat pad removal is a minor surgical procedure that sculpts cheek fat so that the lower face is not so prominent. This is ideal for men and women who desire a V-lift technique to tighten the lower face, jawline, and cheeks. 

Dr. Raffy Karamanoukian is an experienced Beverly Hills plastic surgeon with an outstanding aesthetic eye. He performs buccal fat pad surgery with precise surgical technique to enhance the lower face contour and refine the upper cheek to jowl ratio. Buccal fat pad surgery is an advanced technique that can reduce jowl projection, enhance upper cheek fullness, and highlight the V-lift appearance of the face. 


Buccal fat removal is an excellent treatment for patients who have excessive jowling and fullness of the cheeks. Colloquially, one would consider these patients as having 'chubby cheeks.' Although the benefits of facial volumization are many, our office carefully selects those patient who have excessive fat to the point that it may overbalance the cheeks and mid-face. Once you schedule an appointment for buccal fat removal in our Santa Monica or Beverly Hills plastic surgery offices, you will have the chance to meet with Dr. Karamanoukian and discuss your surgical candidacy for the procedure. 


Most patients undergo Buccal Fat surgery in an outpatient setting in our Santa Monica or Beverly Hills plastic surgery practices. Once the surgery is complete, you will remain in the recovery area to assess the degree of swelling. Most commonly, patients will have only mild to moderate swelling immediately after surgery.
We encourage patients to avoid strenuous activity, keep the head elevated, and massage the cheeks daily to reduce swelling. Pain and discomfort is usually minimal after surgery, rarely requiring analgesics.
Dr. Karamanoukian carefully places one single dissolvable stitch on each side and these dissolve on their own within a few days after surgery. Our office will schedule a post-treatment follow-up appointment after surgery. 


Our clinicians are experienced in Buccal Fat Removal surgery and can optimize your results with superb clinical skills and a comprehensive approach to care. We offer consultations in Beverly Hills and Santa Monica. Please call (310) 998-5533 to schedule a personalized consultation with Dr. Raffy Karamanoukian.