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Eyebrow Lift with Ultherapy in Santa Monica

Ultherapy is a powerful non-invasive, FDA-approved facelift procedure that has been proven to lift the skin on the neck, face, under the chin, and eyebrows. Using focused-ultrasound to stimulate collagen contraction and collagen stimulation, Ultherapy is an excellent non-surgical eyebrow lift procedure that can tighten the skin around the eyebrows.
The skin around the eyes tends to lose collagen over time, leading to a gradual droopiness of the eyebrows and eyelids. Ultherapy is an excellent procedure, used in combination with Botox and facial fillers, to revitalize the eyebrows and eyelids. Treatments take less than one hour to perform and there is minimal to no downtime after the procedure.
Dr. Karamanoukian is a double-board certified plastic surgeon and can help you decide if Ultherapy Eyebrow Lifts are right for you. During your consultation, he can evaluate your surgical, injection-based, and non-surgical options to tighten the skin around your eyelids and eyebrows.
Call our office to learn more about Ultherapy, the leading non-surgical facelift procedure in the United States. Our Santa Monica plastic surgery office offers the most trusted and innovative non-surgical treatments available. 

Ultherapy Eyebrow Lift

Ultherapy Santa Monica with Kare Plastic Surgery
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Ultherapy Eyebrow Lift in Santa Monica at Karesculpt