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I am 61 years old and have been living with a noticeable scar on my left cheek and jawline since I was 11 years old. Kids at my school used to mock me and I thought I would have the scar for the rest of my life. My wife of thirty years encouraged me to seek Dr. Karamanoukian to fix the scar and he performed a combination of PRP and scar laser to help reduce the appearance of my scar. I am happy with the results and cannot thank Dr. Karamanoukian enough for his expert hands. 
- Khashan
My wife has been living with a botched breast implant surgery for the last two years and we are both very pleased with the results of her breast surgery with Dr. Karamanoukian. The first surgeon performed emergency drainage of her breast implant the night of the original surgery, causing my wife to have complication and after complication. We drove almost one hour to see Dr. Karamanoukian and it was worth it. He diagnosed the issue right away, performed the surgery one week later, and my wife is now regained her life. 
- Armen
I travelled all the way from Atlanta Georgia to have surgery for butt silicone removal with Dr. K. He made everything very straightforward and reduced my butt silicone so that I don't have any more pain in my hips and legs. Thanks Dr. K. 
- DeMonique
I had a small lipoma on the top of my shoulder and the doctors in my community hospital in Sacramento had me do an MRI and CT scan to figure it out. Dr. Karamanoukin took one look and thought it was a lipoma. He performed surgery on me the next day using the tiniest scar and now I am all done with the whole ordeal. He made it simple and took his time to explain every detail to me. 
- Jose A.
I am very thankful to Dr. Raffy for his expertise in treating my varicose vein on the legs. I was referred to him by my colleague and I am very thankful that I chose to do surgery with him. He answered all of my concerns and offered to help me even walk to my car after the surgery. He is a very noble man with a good heart. 
- Hisayoshi
Dr. Karamanoukian saved our family vacation this summer when our oldest son broke his nose playing at camp. His bedside manner was great and he knew all the right things to say to interact with my son and ease our anxiety as parents. The nose fracture reset was uneventful and Dr. Karamanoukian focused on my son’s well-being throughout the surgery and recovery.
- Donna
The office is immaculate and the staff are helpful beyond belief. I was initially worried about having Botox and Juvederm for the first time and Dr. Karamanoukian made the whole process seamless. I’m hooked. 
- Nora
I don’t think there is a single doctor who is more knowledgeable about fixing bad scars as Dr. Karamanoukian. I had a botched tummy tuck four years ago and my belly button looked horrible. Dr. Karamanoukian spent one month treating the keloid scar followed by scar revision to make my belly button normal again. 
- Samantha
My earlobes tore through and I did what any educated woman would do by searching on google for “the best doctor for torn earlobes.” Dr. Karamanoukian’s name came up over and over and I went through with the surgery. Needless to say my research paid off and I can wear my earrings once again. 
- Kristine
I made the bad mistake of putting Dermagen permanent filler in my lips three years ago in Tijuana. I found a few doctors online that said they could fix it but I gravitated back to Dr. Karamanoukian after four consultations with others. He is the best surgeon ever. He fixed my lips with a lip reduction and I feel better altogether. I would highly recommend him. 
I travelled from San Diego to see Dr. Karamanoukian for a lip lift scar that had ruined my life. I had gone to a Beverly Hills plastic surgeon to see if he could fix the scar but all he offered were scar creams but no surgical solution. Instead, Dr. Karamanoukian started his scar protocol that included once weekly visits to his office. He performed laser and surgery on my scar and now I feel confident going out in public. He is exceptional and caring about all of his patients. 
One year ago, I was in the worst accident of my life and my forehead was left with 45 stitches. My scar was horrible and had to start scar treatment. Dr. Karamanoukian is the go-to guy for all types of scars. While I was there on my first consultation, I spoke to two other patients with the same problems in the waiting room. It was such a relief that he had experience in dealing with my types of scars. Dr. K is the best. 
I had a wonderful experience with Dr. Raffy Karamanoukian when I went in to have my liposuction scars corrected after a botched plastic surgery procedure in Newport Beach. Dr. Karamanoukian was professional and caring in his approach. I liked that he was not judgemental and truly cared for me as a person and did not look in disdain at the scars and the liposuction procedure. He was so caring and even asked whether I wanted to go back to my original surgeon to have it corrected using his recommendations. He is really one of the best doctors I have ever seen. 
- Jamie
I scheduled an office consultation with Dr. Raffy Karamanoukian one week ago to help me fix a scar that I got from breast implant surgery. He was so thoughtful and meticulous in his approach, spending roughly one hour with me during a consultation to go over all of my options. I am convinced he is the top expert in liposuction correction and liposuction scars and my husband and I are convinced we will only choose him for any future procedure. He is our hero. 
- Melisse
I have been going to Dr. Karamanoukian for five years to do Botox and fillers on my face. I used to see him in his old office and now go to the office on Montana Avenue. He is the best...period. He is truly a nice person and a true advocate for me looking natural. 
- Tanya
I was an idiot and used a strong TCA peel on myself at home to try and spot-treat some scars... it made them a lot worse. :( But Dr. Karamanoukian is currently working with me at a reasonable rate to improve their appearance. Very, very thankful to have found this guy. He's personable and seems to have great patient rapport. The office environment/staff is also much, much friendlier than offices within the same specialty. I want to live there underneath one of the tables.
- Kate S.
A few months ago I was breaking out, so it decided to go to @kareskinmd .. you guys my skin is glowing!
- Tahlia
Liposuction Revision

دکتر رافی 
بهترین دکتر که در تمام زندگیم دیدم ، مهربون ، انسان خوبی که میفهمه بدن شما چه چیزی رو نیاز داره، قیمت مناسب، وبسیار ماهر در کارش. ممنون دکتر رافی برای همه کمکهای که من کردین تا احساس بهتری نسبت به خودم کنم.
Doctor Rafi 
The doctor who saw in all my life, kind, good person that understands what your body's needs, reasonable price, and very skilled in his work. Thank you, doctor Rafi for all of you to help me feel better about myself anymore.
- H. Patient from Iran
I am seeing Dr. Raffy Karamanokian for a liposuction revision after I was botched by a very prominent Beverly Hills plastic surgeon. Dr. Karamanokian is absolutely great and his bedside manner is reasurring and thoughtful. He put my mind at ease and allowed me some hope. My husband finally has the confidence that we both need to resume our lives. 
- Jocelyn
I made a very horrible mistake one year ago when I went to Colombia to have a breast augmentation and breast lift. My scars turned out to be horrible and I had very little recourse with the doctor who denied responsibility. Dr. Raffy was a miracle worker as he fixed my scars and resumed my care even beyond what he was required to do. He goes above and beyond. 
- Violette