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Wart Removal Los Angeles

Wart Removal in Los Angeles

Isolated warts on the face and body require immediate attention to prevent spread of the wart from skin to skin contact. Most treatments require either cryotherapy or laser ablation to eradicate the deeply-seated warty tissue. Cryofreezing is often ineffective and may lead to hypopigmented scarring of tissue; whereas topical Compound W may be less than effective over long periods of time. 
Cosmetic Dermatology treatments at Kare Plastic Surgery allow for the elimination of warts on the skin using a protocol-based laser therapy known as Vbeam pulsed dye laser. Our office defers the treatment of generalized warts to cryotherapy by pediatricians and general dermatologists in favor laser-guided wart therapy for recalcitrant and resistant warts. 

The VBeam laser is FDA-Approved for the treatment of warts. We use this laser for vascular lesions on the skin. 
Management of facial warts, body warts, hand warts, and plantar warts include occlusion therapy and pulsed dye laser sessions spaced two to three weeks apart. Our office does not perform cryotherapy as the indicated yield of therapeutic effect is low. 

Facial Warts are very common and can spread from location to location. It is not uncommon for facial warts to arise in areas close to molluscum contagiosum. Our laser wart removal treatment in Los Angeles is the ideal option for non-surgical removal of warts.

Genital warts are not any different than other types of warts and are defined by their presence on the genitals or pubic area. These warts can spread to other parts of the body and may even have developed from other warts on the face and body, meaning they can be either sexually or non-sexually transmitted.  Most genital warts grow singly or in clusters on the pubic area. Genital warts demand immediate attention to prevent their spread to others and to other parts of the body. 

Plantar warts are usually found in between toes or on the bottom sole of the feet. They can develop rapidly and can form painful calluses around them, making them painful on weight-bearing activities. The original point of wart growth can usually be visualized at the center of a callus on the sole of the foot. 

Finger and fingertip warts can appear and disappear rather quickly on the surface of the hands. They usually spread rapidly from skin to skin contact and appear as nodules, round cauliflower-like growths, or as calluses on the palm of the fingers and hand. Our office uses the Vbeam laser as first-line treatment for these warts. 

If you are seeking definitive laser therapy for your warts in Santa Monica, please visit our cosmetic dermatology and laser center on Montana Avenue. Please call (310) 998-5533 to schedule an appointment for wart removal. We serve the neighboring areas of Pacific Palisades, Brentwood, Marina Del Rey, and Venice. 

Laser wart removal in santa Monica at Kare plastic surgery

Our office is a comprehensive plastic surgery and cosmetic dermatology center. We offer the Vbeam laser for many different skin conditions including wart removal, spider vein removal, facial vein removal, rosacea, port-wine stain and birthmark removal, facial blushing, and angioma removal. We treat small spider angiomas and cherry angiomas with the Vbeam laser. 

Patients who have skin tags and benign moles can also benefit from our mole removal services. Our board certified plastic surgeon and skilled licensed nurses have expertise in the treatment of benign skin problems. 

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