Kare Plastic Surgery in Santa Monica is committed to being the most advanced and well equipped cosmetic surgery center in Los Angeles. We use the latest and most advanced non-surgical rejuvenation lasers and tightening devices that utilize groundbreaking, FDA approved, and effective nonsurgical options for tissue tightening, skin tightening, and cosmetic rejuvenation of the face and body. We are pleased to offer the most advanced and popular tightening treatment in the United States which is known as morpheus8. We consider this treatment to be the most current and effective skin renewal procedure in the United States.
The goal of morpheus8 is to dramatically improve the tightness of the soft tissue and skin in the areas of treatment. We use morpheus8 on the face and on the body. morpheus eight is a fractional RF treatment that uses soundwaves to remodel fatty deposits, tighten the skin, build collagen and elastin, and recontour. If you are interested in improving the tightness and firmness of your face, neck, or body, Morpheus8 can deliver exceptional and long lasting results that stimulate skin regeneration and remodeling. Is an ideal method to add firmness and improve skin quality without significant downtime or recovery.
On the face, Morpheus8 treatments are used to smooth the contours of the face, reduce wrinkling and crepiness in the skin, improve jowls, lift the face and neck, tighten the jawline, and lift the ice. We use morpheus for neck tightening and for the décolleté.
On the body, Morpheus8 can be used on any part of the body that has wrinkling and excessive sogginess including the legs, thighs, buttocks, abdomen, flanks, arms, elbows, and hands. All of these areas can be treated effectively with the goal of restoring skin quality and adding firmness to the tissue.

Benefits of Morpheus8

This technology is highly advanced and has been meticulously screen by Dr. Raffy Karamanoukian in terms of its safety and efficacy. The science uses fractional micro needling with radio frequency to regenerate collagen and elastin and also firm the tissue. Unlike laser treatments, morpheus8  uses RF fractional energy to heat the deeper layers of the tissue and deep dermis. Bye directing the energy of the device towards the deep tissue, clinicians can reduce excess fatty deposits, remodel the skin and tissue matrix that tightens the face and body, and minimize downtime .

Morpheus8 at Kare Plastic Surgery

Our clinicians and patients are continuously amazed by the benefits of Morpheus eight and remodeling and recurrent touring recontouring the skin and soft tissue. After extensive clinical trials the treatment is FDA approved to improve skin quality, skin topography, skin texture,  skin and tissue sogginess, and loss of collagen. In our own clinical patience, we have seen consistently amazing results with patients noting an improvement in skin quality, skin glow, firmness, and usefulness. Our clinicians will target the Morpheus eight fractional energy in a guided and by directional modality in order to lift the the tissue upwards so that you can have an effect similar to a Lyft . We encourage patient to continue a healthy diet and exercise regimen and use Morpheus eight to increase natural collagen stimulation, smooth and refined skin, lift and firm soft tissue, and give you a youthful and tightened appearance. The results of Morpheus are natural and long lasting.

Stretch marks and morpheus8

Morpheus8 has been shown to benefit patients with stretch marks, whether new or old, on the skin. This is ideal for women who have recently undergone weight loss or childbirth and have poor skin quality as a result of hormones and weight changes. The morpheus treatment can address the stretch marks and at the same time focus on skin tightness and firmness. Common areas for treatment  include the abdomen, the flanks, back, buttocks, hips, and thighs.
The goal of these non-invasive treatments is to improve skin laxity into combat collagen loss. Morpheus is an amazing antiaging modality that can be used along side all therapy Aurther Maje to further titan tissue. In some cases, Dr. Karamanoukian will combine a surgical procedure on the face or body with morpheus8.

Skin Tightening with Morpheus8

As a minimally invasive technique, morpheus8 involves much less downtime than surgery and is an ideal procedure for patients with limited tolerance for extensive recovery. There will be some mild redness and scratching as of the skin for at least 4 to 5 days followed by an enhanced remodeling effect that can re-contour collagen and elastin stores in the skin. Our goal is to tighten and tone your tissue . The treatment is ideal for patients who have a healthy lifestyle and is not limited to any skin type in particular. We use the morpheus treatment for acne scars or to include prove the topography and texture of the skin and patience with rough skin or porous skin.  Once recovery is complete, patients will continue to see results for 4 to 6 weeks during which time they may opt to undergo a second or third treatment to further improve the process of anti-aging. According to recent data the results of Morpheus are long lasting with patients  choosing additional treatments for correction and for maintenance.

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Dr. Karamanoukian and the entire clinical nursing staff at Kare plastic surgery offer the latest and most advanced techniques for noninvasive cosmetic surgery as well as plastic surgery procedures. We take on a scientific approach to our choice of treatments and we electively  study the efficacy and long-term benefits of each procedure. Morpheus eight is FDA approved and continues to provide our patience with directional improvement in skin quality, skin tone, skin resiliency, skin firmness, and tissue contouring. We believe it is the most ideal and efficacious treatment available in the United States . Our team is led by a double board-certified plastic surgeon with hands-on fellowship training and cosmetic plastic surgery. Dr. Karamanoukian is result driven and meticulous in his approach to the highest standards of plastic surgery care. If you are considering a non-invasive skin rejuvenation treatment, a plastic surgery procedure, or wish to simply improve the quality of your skin, this procedure and our  cosmetic surgery offerings can truly provide you with the most amazing results.

Morpheus8 for Scars

Some scars need tissue collagen remodeling to decrease the visibility of the scar. Acne scars, fresh surgical scars, plastic surgery scars, old scars, and keloid scars can all benefit from the collagen stimulation and tissue remodeling resulting from Morpheus8 treatment. Morpheus8 can help improve scars using both the microneedle technology and radiofrequency energy. This is helpful for atrophic scars and hypertrophic/hyperemic scars that are red and inflamed. Dr. Karamanoukian uses Morpheus8 in his HIDEF protocols for scar modulation. Schedule a consultation today to learn more about options available for scar revision using Morpheus8 or another one of our lasers.

Does Morpheus8 Work On All Skin Types?

Morpheus8 has widespread benefits on all skin types and skin colors. Morpheus8 has 'colorblind' technology, which means that it can be used on any skin type. This unique feature allows widespread application across the face and body, as well as wide applicability for facial aging, post-pregnancy skin changes, cellulite, scars, and lax skin. Patients who have darker skin tones have less risk to develop post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation when compared to deep fractional resurfacing.