Treatment of Facial Veins, Rosacea,Blushing


Veins are a normal part of your circulation. With age, however, some veins tend to be more visible underneath the skin, causing some of these normal veins to be cosmetically unattractive. Facial veins are commonly seen in healthy men and women over the age of thirty. Most facial veins occur on the cheeks, around the nose, and on the chin…the so-called T-zone of the face.  Superfical spider veins can be caused by sun exposure, genetics, and a condition known as rosacea.

"A combination of Vbeam laser and Limelight IPL can help reduce facial spider veins, nose veins, and facial blushing associated with rosacea. Vbeam laser is a gold-standard for treatment of blood vessels on the face." Dr. Raffy Karamanoukian



In the UK, nasal spider veins are often referred to by the term ‘drinker’s nose,’ because there is usually a social stigma associated with alcoholism and a red nose. The term is definitely not very endearing and leads many men and women to seek help for their facial veins.
Fortunately, advancements in photofacials, laser technology, and injection sclerotherapy  allow men and women to eradicate their unwanted veins within a few treatments. Some spider veins can be eliminated instantaneously, while others may require several sessions of treatment.
Treatment of facial spider veins begins with an in-depth consultation to determine whether the veins are treatable or not.  Patients who have baseline rosacea are often encouraged to seek simultaneous treatment for their rosacea before and after their laser sessions.
In our Santa Monica plastic surgery office, we are seeing many more men with facial spider veins. Whereas women represented the majority of the patients seeking treatment for unwanted spider veins in the past, more men are being seen for this same condition when compared to a few years ago.
The pulsed dye laser is one of the leading treatments for facial spider veins. In our office, we use the VBeam Perfecta to address abnormal spider veins on the face; as well as diffuse redness and blushing on the cheeks and forehead. The pulsed dye laser is a non-ablative laser that targets abnormal spider veins on the skin.


IPL Photofacials are also useful in the management of diffuse spider veins and facial redness. We use the Cutera Limelight to target abnormal blood vessels. IPL treatments can be scheduled a few weeks apart to achieve maximal gain.
In very rare cases, large and isolated spider veins are addressed with spider vein injections. The treatment is known as injection sclerotherapy and allows for the elimination of unwanted spider veins underneath the skin.


enus Viva uses Nanofractional RF to reduce rosacea and facial blushing in the skin. Rosacea and facial spider veins can make your skin look more blotchy and red, especially during extremes of temperature. Nanofractional RF treatments can help you reduce redness in the skin and can help target non-specific facial blushing and redness. When combined with Vbeam laser, Venus Viva can help tone your skin complexion, reduce fine wrinkles, tighten pores, and tighten skin.