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If you are considering a rhinoplasty, or reduction of the nose prominence, then you have chosen among the top plastic surgeons for cosmetic enhancement of the nose.
Nose Surgery Rhinoplasty in Santa Monica


There are many different types of nose surgeries performed in the United States. Most people know about cosmetic rhinoplasty, which is a surgery to reduce the size of the nose so that it does not look so prominent on side profile. A septoplasty is a procedure that can help you breathe through your nose and is quite common in adulthood for those patients who have poor breathing that is compounded by allergies and strenuous activity.
A septoplasty performed by Dr. Raffy Karamanoukian in Santa Monica straightens the twisted cartilage deep within your nostrils so that you can breathe better. Often, the septum cartilage can twist with development, causing it to block the normal nasal airway passage. No matter how hard you try, you may not be able to breathe through one or both nostrils because the septum blocks the passage.

During septoplasty, Dr. Karamanoukian makes two small incisions inside the nose and reshapes the cartilage so it does not interfere with breathing. If you have associated allergies, unblocking the nasal airways can help you breathe better because mucosal swelling will be less likely to obstruct the passage of air.
In our Los Angeles plastic surgery office, Dr. Karamanoukian accepts most major PPO insurance plans for septoplasty and submucous resection. Surgery takes less than one hour to perform in most cases and recovery is relatively straightforward. Please call our patient care coordinators to discuss your options for septoplasty.


A combined septorhinoplasty is an excellent option for patients who want an improvement in their breathing as well as the cosmetic appearance of their nose. A septorhinoplasty combines both a correction of the deviated septum plus modification of the cosmetic appearance of the nose. A combination septorhinoplasty can be performed safely to dramatically improve the functional airway.

Dr. Raffy Karamanoukian is an expert in septorhinoplasty surgery. His approach to more naturally-looking rhinoplasty sets him apart. He is available for for a consultation in Beverly Hills and Santa Monica.



Cosmetic rhinoplasty is an excellent choice to help achieve an aesthetic improvement in the shape of the nose, but not everyone is a candidate for surgery. Dr. Raffy Karamanoukian offers a non-surgical option for nose surgery that uses fillers to fill in imperfections on the nose so that the bridge can appear straighter and more refined. This can also be combined with non-surgical nasal tip modification in order to reduce imperfections on the nose tip. Most patients request a non-surgical nose job to reduce bumps and indentations on the brdige of the nose.

Dr. Karamanoukian has the expertise to perform both a non-surgical nose job as well as a rhinoplasty. If you choose the less-invasive option, you can still proceed to a rhinoplasty thereafter. Contact our non-surgical nose job specialists in Beverly Hills to determine if this procedure is right for you.


Nose scars are quite common given the popularity of lip lift surgery and open rhinoplasty techniques. Most commonly, our office treats patients with chickenpox scars of the nose, alar scars resulting from alarplasty, open rhinoplasty scars, and lip lift scars. All of these scars require different approaches to treatment, but the goal remains the same; to reduce the visibility of a nasal scar so that it does not interfere with one's quality of life.

During your initial consultation with Dr. Raffy Karamanoukian in Santa Monica, he will evaluate your nasal scar to determine whether the best choice of therapy is surgical or non-surgical. There are many non-surgical options for treatment, including laser therapy, RF therapy, Venus Viva, Nanofractional microneedling, PRP, Ematrix, and surgical scar revision. In some cases, a redo open rhinoplasty is performed to minimize the structural integrity of the scar. 


Rhinophyma is characterized by progressive inflammation and growth of the sebaceous glands of the nose. When diagnosing rhinophyma, our Los Angeles plastic surgeon Dr. Raffy Karamanoukian analyzes the severity of rosacea on the face, the depth of nasal sweat glands, pores, and sebaceous glands, and the degree of epidermal hypertrophy that causes bumps to appear on the nose. Often, rhinophyma is associated with facial blushing, pimple-like growths on the skin, and fine telangiectasia on the nose. 

Treatment options for rhinophyma have changed over the last decade with the advancement of newer laser treatments taking precedence over surgical debridement. Fractional CO2 laser and Fully-ablative CO2 laser are more commonly used for rhinophyma when compared to surgical removal of overgrown, hypertrophic tissue. Results are equivalent between laser and surgery, with laser resulting in a more controlled depth of injury.