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Stretch Mark Treatments in Santa Monica

Stretch Mark Treatment

Stretch marks on the abdomen and near the bellybutton can cause dramatic changes in the appearance of the stomach line, bellybutton area, and abdomen. The atrophic tearing of the dermis leads to the characteristic appearance of stretch marks. Early stretch marks can appear red and hypervascular whereas old stretch marks can appear hypopigmented and loose. Dr. Karamanoukian uses three different types of lasers in his Santa Monica plastic surgery office to treat stretch marks of the abdomen and bellybutton areas. These stretch marks can dramatically improve the appearance of stretch marks and can tighten the skin in the area. Stretch marks lasers vary in depth of penetrance as well as downtime. 

Laser Types Used to Treat Stretch Marks

  • Deep Fractional Ablative Laser
  • Moderate-depth Fractional Ablative Laser
  • Vbeam laser

Schedule A Consultation

An initial consultation with Dr. Karamanoukian can help you decide which of the three lasers are appropriate for your stretch mark treatment. Patients can benefit from improvement in the overall quality of the skin, increased tightness, and reduction in the appearance of stretch marks. Our Los Angeles plastic surgery patient care coordinator can help you schedule a consultation for stretch mark removal in Los Angeles and can help you identify the necessary steps to be taken before and after the laser stretch mark removal treatment.