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Scar Revision Surgery - Self Harm Scar Treatment

Advancements in laser and non-surgical scar therapy have revolutionized the way we approach scars on the face and body. A very common and often ignored type of scar is known as a self-harm or self-mutilation scar on the legs and thighs. The fact is that many people have these types of scars and are ashamed to go to a qualified plastic surgeon to seek help. Our vast experience with self-harm scars makes the process much easier and less emotionally-draining.
A self-harm scar can occur in many different forms, but is usually associated with linear track marks on the forearm or legs. These scars usually result from the inflammatory phase of healing after the initial cut was made. As the scar widens and heals, a white hypopigmented scar usually arises that may last for years or decades. Attempted cover-up with makeup is usually futile and rarely improves the condition.
In our Los Angeles plastic surgery office, we have over 30 different types of lasers that can be used to improve scars and skin quality. Depending on the type and severity of your self-harm scars, we have options that can reduce the contour, improve the color, and reduce the visibility of these linear scars. The process may take more than one session depending on the severity of the skin changes. The bottom line is that we can improve the scars and make them less visible, so they are less emotionally draining on you. Most patients benefit by the fact that scar revision using non-surgical methods can dramatically improve their self-confidence and their ability to wear clothes  that do not necessarily cover the self harm scars.
We begin our evaluations for self harm scar revision by analyzing the depth, contour, texture, color, vascular, redness, and topography of the scars. Very white scars may benefit from surgical scar revision which is offered in our comprehensive plastic surgery office in Los Angeles. Thinner scars are likely improved with a combination of radiofrequency and laser treatments combined with intralesional injections of corticosteroids in order to mitigate the contour and thickness of the scars. Our approach combines surgical and non-surgical expertise in a trained and protocol breaker-based approach.
Choosing Kare Plastic Surgery for self harm scars is the logical choice as we have five-star reviews and a dedicated approach to healthcare. Our clinical nurse and expertly-trained plastic and reconstructive surgeons have managed thousands of scars and are able to best meet your needs using surgical or non-surgical approaches. Improvement is made in as little as one session, but we recommend that you continue the process in order to reduce the visibility of the scar as much as possible.
Our cosmetic dermatology center continues to be at the forefront of cosmetic medicine in Los Angeles. We offer a comprehensive skin solutions that range from lasers to chemical peels and onto more invasive ablative treatments to improve skin quality and tone. Patients who have active acne or old acne scars can benefit from radiofrequency treatments that can raise scars, and make them less visible on the face and body ,
Schedule a consultation today with the pre-eminent cosmetic dermatology and plastic surgery office in Santa Monica and Los Angeles. We offer cosmetic microtreatments, dermal fillers, and injectable options to give you a more youthful glow.
We offer virtual and in-office consultations in Santa Monica and can facilitate your care . Our comprehensive plastic surgery office also has an accredited and fully licensed operating room for surgical treatments in a private and professional setting. Schedule an appointment today and learn more about scar vision by calling 310-998-5533.

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