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Melarase Creams for Forehead Melasma

Forehead hyperpigmentation can arise from acute and chronic sun damage; but can also be done to hormonal influences related to estrogen and progesterone receptors within the skin's pigment cells. Melasma is a benign skin condition that usually shows up in women of childbearing age, primarily due to changes in hormone levels. 

"Melarase creams are ideal for forehead melasma and hyperpigmentation because they work by reducing the root cause of hyperpigmentary sensitivity." Dr. Raffy Karamanoukian

Pigmentation in the central forehead can arise in the central or lateral zones, depending on the genetic influences that determine hormonal sensitivity. Pregnancy, oral contraceptives, fertility drugs, and exogenous hormones such as bioidentical hormones can influence the development of melasma. 

Melarase AM and Melarase PM are skin lightening creams that can be used to manage melasma pigmentation on the forehead. When combined with Replenish Retinoid Cream, Melarase products can help reduce pigmentary staining on the skin. The goal of therapy is complete clearance of abnormal pigmentation, but the rate at which this is achieved depends on the depth of pigmentation within the epidermis and dermis. 

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