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Vaginal Tightening Santa Monica

There are several new treatments available to tighten the most intimate regions of the female body. Our office recommends the ThermiVA RF treatment to tighten and tone the vagina and labia minora/majora using a non-invasive treatment that has no downtime or recovery. Women benefit from the ThermiVA treatment in many ways, including more tone in the vagina, tightening of the labia minora and labia majora, increased urinary control, and increased moisture in the vagina. 

FAQ: What are the Benefits of ThermiVA? 

In our experience, ThermiVA can help tighten and tone the vagina, labia minora, and labia majora. Women have also seen an improvement in vaginal moisture, urinary control, and greater pleasure during intimacy. 

FAQ: How Many ThermiVA Treatments Does One Need? 

Typically, we recommend three to five ThermiVA treatment to see maximal effect. Most women see and feel an improvement immediately after one treatment. 

FAQ: Can the ThermiVA Treatment be Peformed by a Female Clinician? 

Our trained female nurse has vast experience in the ThermiVA treatment and can perform the RF tightening in a private, relaxed, and luxurious room in our Santa Monica office. 

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Our patient care coordinators can help answer your questions about ThermiVA. A private consultation is recommended before procedures so that you can understand the benefits of the procedure and the desired outcome. During your consultation, options for surgical labiaplasty can be discussed if there is a need to surgically recontour the labia minora or vagina.