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Removal of Facial Implants in Los Angeles

The removal of facial implants are usually performed as a necessity rather than an elective procedure. The advent of more advanced fat grafting and facial filler techniques have diminished the rewards of facial implants including chin implants, cheek implants, and jaw implants. Patient requesting the removal of old facial implants are advised to seek an expert in the field in order to minimize poor short and long-term outcomes of facial implants.
There are several reasons to remove an intact facial implant; the most notable being infection, asymmetry, shifting of the implant, and bony or soft tissue erosion. Dr. Raffy Karamanoukian at Kare Plastic Surgery and Skin Health Center in Santa Monica specializes in the management of poorly placed facial implants and silicone injection fillers.
Infection is an urgent reason to undergo removal and replacement of a facial implant. A small subset of infected implants can be salvaged with IV antibiotics, but the vast majority require removal of the implant.
Asymmetry caused by the placement of the implant or shifting post-operatively can be corrected by either removing the implant and replacing it with a new one as a stage procedure, or immediately after removal during the same operative procedure. Dr. Karamanoukian will help you assess your facial biometrics to determine whether there is pre-existing asymmetry that may contribute to the overall asymmetry of the face. The placement of fat within the soft tissue can often correct the asymmetry and provide long-term results.
Erosion of the underlying bony support, or extrusion of the implant through the soft tissue and skin are critical reasons to undergo removal of a facial implant. Once an implant has eroded through the periosteum of the bone or the dermis of the skin, long-term deformity may lead to problems in the future. Dr. Karamanoukian may use PRP to address the soft tissue and bone loss and further enhance the viability of the supporting soft tissue and bone.
Placement of silicone-based injections into the soft tissue of the face may require a more advanced approach to surgical removal. Dr. Karamanoukian has lectured extensively on the surgical removal of silicone injections from the face and body and has the pioneering expertise to manage unwanted silicone injections in the eyelids, cheeks, temples, lips, and acne scars.