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Silicone Biopolymer Expert in Los Angeles Discusses Silicone Migration


If you are among the many patients who have undergone illegal silicone biopolymer injections into your buttocks or thighs, you are not alone. Our Beverly Hills plastic surgery office has all of the needed resources and expertise to help diagnose manage, and treat silicone injections within the soft tissue.


Often, patients with silicone biopolymer injections face long-term complications including pain and discomfort. These symptoms usually progress with time as the inflammation fighting the silicone biopolymer waxes and wanes. It is important to diagnose chronic and acute inflammation related to silicone biopolymers as early as possible in order to adequately manage symptoms associated with chronic inflammation.


Patients will often question whether the silicone biopolymer can migrate to distant sites within the body. A study on elicit massive silicone injections in France evaluated silicone blood diffusion and its impact on the body. The authors described several dermatologic complications from silicone injections which include inflammation, onset of varicose veins, hyperpigmentation, and infection. When evaluating blood smears, they found intracytoplasmic silicone vacuoles in monocytes which document diffuse spread of the silicone beyond the area of injection.

Further, studies have documented lateral spread of silicone within the fat and lymphatics beyond the areas of injection. That means that silicone can be found in the soft tissue and lymphatic system in areas that are not around the area of injection. Depending on the viscosity of the silicone, this may mean that complications can arise in areas where the silicone was not even injected.

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Dr. Raffy Karamanoukian is one of the leading experts in the removal of silicone injections in Los Angeles. Our expertise lies in the diagnosis and management silicone and PMMA injections into the body. Using a combination of surgical and nonsurgical techniques, we can help you deal with the acute and long-term problems associated with silicone