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Natural Botox in Santa Monica at Kare Plastic Surgery

Natural Botox Results in Santa Monica
Kare Plastic Surgery and Skin Health Center is a dedicated plastic surgery and cosmetic dermatology clinic located in Santa Monica. We offer comprehensive beauty treatments, including Botox and dermal fillers for patients who want to look more refreshed and youthful.
We are often asked by patients to perform a Botox procedure that enhances their natural appearance without looking overdone or age-inappropriate. Natural looking results from Botox injections are a common request and this can be achieved with meticulous attention to detail. Dr. Raffy Karamanoukian is a double board-certified plastic surgeon with an incredible aesthetic eye and meticulous attention to detail.
Achieving natural looking results with Botox in our Santa Monica plastic surgery office begins with a careful biometric examination of your facial proportions. Our clinicians will examine your facial features to determine bone structure and whether you have facial proportions that are more round or long in terms of the height-to-width ratio of the forehead and lateral cheekbones. We then examine the eyebrows and assess the height of the eyebrow arches relative to the degree of eyelid wrinkling. Crow’s feet and wrinkles around the lateral ends of the eyes are also relevant, as they tend to change the appearance of the eyebrows prior to Botox injections. A final note is the thickness of the forehead skin and the presence of wrinkles, both horizontal and vertical on the forehead and glabella. Dr. Karamanoukian will then assess the severity of the wrinkles and their distribution in order to carefully balance out your upper and lower face.
Small amounts of Botox injection can achieve a more balanced and harmonious appearance for the forehead wrinkles and eyelid wrinkles. Botox can naturally relax overactive facial muscles around the eyes, eyebrows, and forehead, and this should remain a potential target for natural Botox results. Many patients refer to this approach for Botox injections as a microBotox or a mini Botox session.
Kare Plastic Surgery offers same-day appointments and walk-ins, based on availability. Our board-certified surgeons and clinical nurses are experts in the management of natural looking Botox results and can complement this procedure with dermal fillers and laser treatments to further improve skin quality and tone.
Scheduling an appointment with our staff is simple and we optimize your time schedule with morning and afternoon sessions throughout the day. Based on availability, we can accommodate walk-ins and last-minute Botox appointments in our Montana Avenue location in Santa Monica. Our friendly staff is available to answer questions about natural Botox results and can help you schedule an appointment based on your schedule.
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Botox for TMJ Problems, Bruxism, and Teeth Grinding
Among the many different types of Botox injections that we perform, Dr. Karamanoukian is also an expert on Botox injections for bruxism, masseter hypertrophy, and TMJ problems . He works closely with dentists and oral maxillofacial surgeons in Santa Monica who refer him patients for TMJ problems associated with an overactive masseter muscle. If you have teeth clenching or grinding and have recurrent TMJ issues, masseter Botox may be an appropriate answer for you. Small amounts of Botox injections are placed within the masseter muscles along the jawline in order to relieve the tension and pressure caused by overactive TMJ muscles. In doing so, there is more relaxation of the lower jaw and we can achieve a more balanced lower facial profile with these treatments.
Botox injections and dermal fillers are mildly uncomfortable and we have several options to relieve the discomfort associated with these beauty treatments. Both dermal fillers, and Botox injections can be made easier with a simple application of a topical anesthetic OTC cream. Dr. Karamanoukian and his staff can preemptively apply an OTC anesthetic cream onto the superficial skin before your injections in order to simplify the treatment.
Recovery after Botox Injections
Downtime is usually minimal after dermal fillers and Botox injections. If you're seeking to undergo a natural Botox treatment, there will be minimal to no downtime after your procedure and you can resume normal activity within minutes of your Botox injections. We recommend that you avoid very strenuous activity immediately after that procedure in order to minimize the distribution of the Botox injections. We pay close attention to detail when injecting Botox injections and strenuous muscle activity immediately after the treatment may dissipate the Botox. We can provide you with detailed recommendations for post-treatment care, but most people can return to work and school thereafter. 
Schedule a consultation today to learn about Botox injections in our Santa Monica in Los Angeles plastic surgery practices. Kare Plastic Surgery remains the leader in Botox injections, Juvederm dermal fillers, and Restylane fillers in Los Angeles. 
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