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Breast Implant Rupture and Removal in Santa Monica

Breast Implant Removal

If you suspect that your breast implant is ruptured, there are several initial steps you can take to have the implants evaluated to determine the likelihood of implant failure. Most breast implant manufacturers have extended warranties that may cover the cost of implant replacement if there is a documented rupture of an implant or breakdown of the outer implant shell. 

Implant rupture can occur immediately after a breast implant surgery, or many years later as a result of capsular contracture or failure of the breast implant shell. Documentation with a breast examination followed by diagnostic ultrasound or MRI can further delineate the likelihood of rupture. 

Dr. Raffy Karamanoukian is a board certified plastic surgeon and an expert in the management of breast implant complications. If a rupture is suspected, a decision to replace or remove the breast implants may be warranted. Replacement of a ruptured breast implant is a low-risk procedure and can be combined with a breast lift or breast enhancement procedure.