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Fractional CO2 Therapy for Deep Acne Scars

Treatment of Deep Acne Scars in Santa Monica

Deep acne scars on the face can be caused by inflammatory cysts that have damaged the deep dermis. Laser resurfacing can help reduce the indented scars and can improve skin contour by stimulating collagen. Old acne scars are responsive to targetted fractional laser using the DEKA Smartxide fractional CO2 system.

Carbon dioxide fractional laser is an effective treatment for deep indented acne scars on the cheeks, face, and forehead. Kare Plastic Surgery + Skin Health Center offers comprehensive protocols for deep acne scars that include subcision, TCA Cross, facial fillers, fractional resurfacing, and fractional RF with Ematrix. 

Dr. Raffy Karamanoukian may also recommend facial fillers such as Restylane and Juvederm to target specific areas of atrophic scarring in addition to fractional CO2 laser. Please call our Santa Monica plastic surgery office to schedule a comprehensive consultation for acne scars. 



Dr. Karamanoukian has partnered with renowned dermatologist Dr. Zein Obagi to offer a signature skin revitalization protocol known as the Sapphire Lift. This unique treatment combines a Controlled Depth Peel with a fractional CO2 laser treatment to improve skin quality and reduce acne scars. Drs. Karamanoukian and Obagi are among the only physicians in the world who perform the Sapphire Lift and are available for consultation in Beverly Hills. Using advanced micro-tailor techniques to penetrate the papillary-reticular dermis with a CBP TCA Peel, the skin is smoothed of uneven texture; followed by a fractional laser treatment.

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Our office offers exceptional protocols for superficial and deep acne scars, including laser therapy, RF therapy, microfractional RF, fractional laser, non-ablative laser, Vbeam, EMatrix RF sublation, Venus Nanofractional Acne Treatments, Subcision, Acne Surgery, and chemical peels. Learn more about our HIDEF protocols for Acne Scar Treatment.