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Dog bite scar revision in Los Angeles

Dog bite injuries can leave devastating scars on the face and body as a result of skin trauma and lacerations. If you have been a victim of a dogbite injury and wish to undergo treatment for your scars, look no further in the Los Angeles area as our Santa Monica plastic surgery and cosmetic dermatology center focuses on the most comprehensive scar protocols in the nation.

Our team of board-certified surgeons and clinical nurses can help you identify treatment protocols that are ideal for your specific scar type.  We offer a combination of laser treatments, radio frequency scar protocols, and topical scar treatments to help modulate scar formation and reduce the visibility of your scars.

Options for scar removal include surgical scar excision, laser therapy, topical scar protocols, and combination platforms that use radio frequency and ultrasound techniques. The specific scar protocol for your needs depend on the detail topography and contour of your dogbite injuries. Facial dog bites can be improved with a combination platform.

If you have had a recent or all dogbite injury and have scars remaining from that event, please call our office at 310-998-5533 or visit our Santa Monica plastic surgery and Cosmetic Dermatology Center located on Montana Avenue