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Breast Implant Replacement in Los Angeles

Breast Implant Replacement in Los Angeles

Breast implants have a finite lifespan and often require repositioning or replacement. Top Los Angeles plastic surgeon uses a minimal-scar technique to remove a silicone or saline breast implant and replace it with a newer generation implant. There are several very important medical conditions which may influence your desire to completely remove or replace your existing breast implants. Although the FDA has studied the impact of silicone breast, implants, considerable emphasis has been placed on complications arising from new or old implants. These complications may include capsular contracture, breast implant rippling, breast implant rupture, and breast implant illness.
Choosing the right plastic surgeon to remove or replace your existing breast implants begins with a thorough discussion of qualifications and expertise. Dr. Raffy Karamanoukian is a double board-certified plastic surgeon and a top expert in corrective breast implant surgery, which may include breast implant removal, capsular contracture, or en-bloc resections. Breast implant illness may occur simultaneously with breast complications and a thorough examination, biometric analysis of the breast, and assessment of symptoms may be an appropriate and logical step to relieve symptoms associated with breast implant complications.
Our Los Angeles plastic surgery office is dedicated to the highest level of professionalism in the management of breast implant complications . We perform capsulectomy, capsulotomy, en bloc breast, implant removal, and breast implant replacement, using the most advanced and latest techniques for body sculpting. If you are considering options to help treat complications arising from breast implants, whether they are saline or silicone, our Los Angeles plastic surgery center is the logical choice for you. We perform capsulectomy, capsulotomy, en bloc breast, implant removal, and breast implant replacement using the most advanced and latest techniques for body sculpting.

Capsular Contracture

Capsular contracture and breast implant hardening is not an uncommon complaint among women who have had breast implants for over a decade. Clinicians believe that breast implant capsular contracture occurs because  of a soft tissue reaction between the breast parenchyma and the implant. The breast implant surface may influence autoimmune factors that cause fibrosis, tissue, hardening, scar formation, and hardening of the breasts. If this hardening becomes progressive, it may lead to breast implant malposition and displacement. In the very rare case, a breast implant may extrude from the tissue surface if the body continues to reject the implant.
There are several treatment options for a capsular contracture and this all depends on the amount of breast tissue, implant hardening, scar fibrosis, and implant malposition. Since this is a chronic issue, breast implant capsular contracture may lead to cosmetic and medical complications, including displacement of the implant, changes in breast, shape, discomfort, and ultimately pain.  Understanding the symptoms is an important part of your treatment options as the surgical solutions may be impacted by your individual symptoms. The first step is to obtain a consultation in our Los Angeles plastic surgery office in order to assess and diagnose your condition. Breast implant,capsular contracture can occur in the early phase after implant placement, or late many years after your original surgery. Women may report pain and discomfort and changes in nipple and breast contour, position, and shape.
Dr. Karamanoukian believes that patients with symptomatic breast implant capsular contracture may benefit from capsulectomy, capsulotomy, or en bloc resection by removing the breast implant. In doing so, the soft tissue reaction and autoimmune condition may improve considerably. Since a breast implant is a foreign body, the long-term outcomes may be positive when compared to less invasive capsular contracture treatments.

Breast Implant Malposition and Hardening

Patients with breast implant rippling or hardening may also be candidate sfor breast implant removal or replacement. Often, capsular contracture may cause inflammation and changes in the fibrotic tissue around the breast. Implant rejection may cause the implant to ripple or harden. Implant malposition is a common complaint where patients will lose the normal symmetry and contour of the breast because of changes in implant position and capsular fibrosis.  We see these changes in both sub muscular and sub glandular implants and Dr. Karamanoukian is a specialist in the repair of these conditions using a combination of techniques, including capsulectomy, implant repositioning, and breast implant replacement.
...If you are noticing that there are changes in your breast, contour, end more visible signs of breast, implant disability within your soft tissue, you may be a candidate for breast implant replacement. In this procedure, Dr. Karamanoukian will carefully examine your breast and determine whether a replacement breast implant with newer dimensions and shape  can help you achieve a more useful, cleavage line and upper pole fullness. Implant replacement is a common problem solution as the surgery can help redefine the contours of your breast with or without a breast lift. Our Los Angeles plastic surgery practice is dedicated to breast sculpting in Bustan has good procedures, including in him, including  breastlift surgery, breast, reduction, surgery, revision breast, implant surgery, and en bloc, resection and removal of breast implants.
If you have had changes in your breast volume, or experiencing new onset breast, implant, rippling, you should be aware of the potential risk of breast implant rupture , in these cases, the intact breast implant may rupture and leak out contents, including saline, or silicone. If there is an acute change in your breast volume, you may have had a recent breast implant rupture, which should be replaced at the earliest possible time
Breast implant rupture is a common problem as , the longevity of a breast implant is not in definite breast. Implant rupture can occur as a result of blunt trauma or normal wear and tear of the breast implant shell. Although patients are often led to believe that resting plant rupture is easily corrected with replacement of the implant, often you will find that additional procedures are necessary to re-contour the usefulness of the breasts , these procedures include a revision breast, implant procedure, breastlift, or capsulectomy in order to remove any redundant fibrotic and discard down tissue.
Breast implant illness is a common problem experienced by many women across the United States. Both Celine and silicon Ruston plants can lead to symptomatic physiologic complaints , including fatigue, chronic pain and discomfort. Many of the symptoms associated with breast, implant illness, mimic auto immune disease, or Phibro up myalgia and are often misdiagnosed by internal medicine and primary care physicians if you're experiencing chronic fatigue, chronic pain, or discomfort and have a history of breast implants you may be a candidate for breast, implant removal, using capsulectomy or unblock resection , many of these procedures are dedicated to improving the lives and quality of life of patients with physiological symptoms that have been associated with breast implant illness. Dr. Karamanoukian is among the top plastic surgeons in the world for silicone auto immune disease and he is an advocate for early removal in patients who have symptoms associated with  foreign body tissue reaction.
Capsulectomy, and I'm like resection with removal of breast implants. There's eight meticulous procedure that should be done to remove the breast implants and to relieve symptoms associated with ortho, fibromyalgia and breast implants illness often, patients are advised by their primary plastic surgeon to keep the breast implants in, but we have found that many patients improve physiologically with removal of the breast implants , it is absolutely clear that there are a few dedicated plastic surgeons who flies in patients with breast implants illness who require breast implant removal. In Los Angeles, the top plastic surgeon for management of breast, implant illness related complications from a silicone or saline implants. Is Dr. Raffi karamanoukian. Begin to take back your quality of life by calling Dr. Karamanoukian and scheduling a consultation to examine your options for treatment.
dr. Karamanoukian has been involved in clinical studies examining the role of auto immune disease in breast implants illness. Many of our patients clinical practice have dramatically improved their quality of life by removing implants and reducing the inflammatory load of unwanted foreign body reaction. The viewing system often locks into, a foreign body such as a silicone or saline implants and induces fibrotic changes within the soft tissue of the breast. Unfortunately, foreign body soft tissue reaction is not a localized phenomenon and patients often feel the effects of silicone rejection on other parts of the body. Muscle soreness, early muscle fatigue, physiological, metabolic changes, discomfort and pain, breathing problems, and a host of other , inflammation induced issues may arise. A plastic surgeon with experience should call manage your symptoms as this is a combination of a surgical and medical problem. The diagnostic challenges associated with breast implant illness make the condition a difficult one to grass. Removing silicone implants can reduce local  and full body inflammation.
Deciding between a capsulectomy and en bloc resection for breast, implant, illness and foreign body silicone breast implant rejection can be straightforward. Options should be discussed between you and a board-certified plastic surgeon with heavy experience in the management of this problem. Breast implant illness is real despite the ongoing denial by many plastic surgeons  and specialists who forgo the many reproducible symptoms associated with women all across the world. As with all other medical conditions, Dr. Karamanoukian advises patients to seek only a board-certified plastic surgeon and promotes ongoing research studies to help understand the nuances of foreign body soft tissue reaction

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The replacement of breast implants is not timed chronologically, but rather by patient symptoms and the aging process. Patients with older implants may require replacement of an old implant because of malposition, capsular contracture, or hardening of a breast implant. Breast implant rupture may also lead to a more acute indication for removal and replacement. 

Dr. Raffy Karamanoukian is an expert breast surgeon specializing in corrective breast surgery. He recommends a minimal scar breast implant replacement technique with flash recovery in order to expedite a return to normal lifestyle. Please call our Santa Monica plastic surgery office to schedule an evaluation for breast implant replacement. Contact our office at 310-998-5533 to schedule your consultation for breast implant removal in Los Angeles.