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Scalp Laser Hair Removal in Los Angeles

Scalp Laser Hair Removal

There are several reasons to undergo scalp laser hair removal; the most common being cosmetic with men and women wanting to have a hair-free scalp so that they do not need to shave daily. If you have considered the bald-look and want to make it a permanent style change in your life, laser hair removal of the scalp can permanently eliminate the hair follicles so you have limited to no hair on the scalp area. 

The next most common reason to undergo scalp laser hair removal is in patients who have follicular rashes, keloids, or recurrent scars associated with hair follicles in the head. By permanently removing the hair follicles, it is possible to reduce the chance of folliculitis and recurrent scarring. 
One of the major benefits of scalp laser hair removal at Kare Plastic Surgery in Santa Monica is that unwanted hair can be removed permanently and you are less likely to be shave daily to achieve a smooth and hairless scalp. If you are experiencing hair loss and wish to undergo laser hair removal to permanently reduce the caliber and density of hair in the scalp, laser hair removal using the YAG laser in our office can be beneficial in many different ways. Permanent hair reduction can help you achieve a smoother hairline without the obvious signs of alopecia and hair loss. The density and thickness of your hair on your scalp will dictate the number of sessions needed and the time interval required between the laser hair removal treatments. Avoid the unnecessary side effects of shaving by laser removing the hair follicles to reduce the onset of folliculitis and red bumps.

Scalp Pigmentation and Laser Hair Removal

If you are considering scalp pigmentation, and don't want the remaining hairs to affect the bleeding rate of the tattoo pigment, scalp laser hair removal at Kare Plastic Surgery may be the right option. In terms of timing, you can have the laser hair removal prior to scalp pigmentation as the pigment may interfere with the  laser removal process in the future.  Our office uses a YAG laser that has been FDA-approved for permanent hair reduction and we have seen amazing results for full scalp laser hair removal. Permanent reduction with laser hair removal on the scalp may help you achieve your cosmetic and results for a smoother  complexion.
Trust the board-certified, experts in laser hair removal at Kare Plastic Surgery. We are dedicated to the most advanced cosmetic dermatology and skin care procedures available in the United States. Our highly-trained and dedicated medical staff have decades of experience in laser hair removal. We can optimize a five-star experience for you as we are the number one rated  and leading laser hair removal center for the scalp in the United States. We have achieved a high standard of care and have a Realself 100 rating, having achieved renowned results in clinical practice.

Kare Plastic Surgery + Skin Health Center specializes in corrective laser hair removal, including scalp laser hair removal. During your consultation, Dr. Karamanoukian will determine your candidacy for treatment and give you a proposed treatment plan that is best suited for your skin type and complexion. Treatments generally take about 6 months to see permanent long-lasting and sustainable results. Schedule an appointment today by calling (310) 998-5533. Virtual consultations are available.

Chemical Peels for the Scalp

If you are considering laser hair removal for the scalp and wish to further improve discoloration and sun damage on your head, we have the solutions with a wide array of chemical peels, topical treatments, and lasers to improve your complexion. We recommend that all patients begin with Melapads (available on to begin gentle exfoliation and lightening of the sunspots, followed by chemical peels and laser resurfacing to remove sun damage.