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Options to Remove Silicone From the Face

Is it possible to remove silicone fillers?

The use of silicone fillers has never been approved by the FDA for cosmetic use. There are many instances when licensed or unlicensed physicians inject a silicone polymer gel into the face, lips, or body as an alternative to dermal fillers or fat transfer. Patients who have these silicone fillers may experience long-term complications that may undermine the health of the skin and soft tissue. In these instances, silicone removal remains a viable alternative to conservative management.
You should be aware of your risks if you leave the silicone filler intact . Many of these silicone biopolymers have contaminants that may cause long-term allergic reaction or inflammation that may cause fibrosis and scarring in the skin. It is important to talk to an expert plastic surgeon who understands the complexities of silicone filler removal.
Dr. Raffy Karamanoukian is a worldwide authority in the removal of silicone biopolymers from the face and body . Injectable, fillers with silicone are long lasting and require surgical removal versus corticosteroid injection. Removal of silicone fillers begins with a thorough examination and surgical planning in order to safely remove the silicone, while at the same time minimizing scarring. In our Santa Monica plastic surgery practice, we treat silicone fillers as a result of  decades-long experience. Patients who have complications from silicone fillers, including foreign body reaction, filler, migration, tissue, swelling, and infection can have the silicone removed using small incisions.
Schedule a consultation today to understand your options for silicone removal in our Los Angeles plastic surgery practice. Kare Plastic Surgery is located in Santa Monica and Hollywood Hills, and our expert clinicians are available to help you solve your problems with silicone. Call 310-998-5533 to schedule your consultation for silicone removal.